Continuing Education and Learning Program

The gateway to suicide prevention training.

The Learning Hub, an initiative of Suicide Prevention Australia, is a continuous learning program for individuals to identify their learning needs, fulfil learning goals, and apply that learning to suicide prevention.

The Learning Hub helps individuals and organisations make informed choice about learning options within the suicide prevention sector, and for suicide prevention providers to promote their learning resources.


If you have any questions on how to register in the Learning Hub or the learning areas that will suit you, please contact Suicide Prevention Australia on or phone 02 9262 1130.


Suicide Prevention Australia coordinates the Learning Hub, a continuous education and learning program for suicide prevention.

  1. First read the fact sheet to find out if you are eligible to participate in The Learning Hub.
  2. If you are eligible, email
  3. You will receive a welcome email with details on how to register.
  4. Use the information provided in the welcome email to log in to The Learning Hub.
  5. Before you can continue in The Learning Hub, you will need to set up your profile.

– Search a national directory of over 130 learning options

– Use the learning resources to guide your learning pathway
– Complete the Foundation Learning
– Once you have completed the Foundation Learning, you can select key learning areas in a topic of interest


Everyone has a role to play in suicide prevention. The Learning Hub helps people access and apply learning, education and research across the suicide prevention sector and in every role.

Effective learning and development within the suicide prevention sector means connecting individuals with the learning that best meets their needs and circumstances, enabling them to make informed decisions about their learning.

We encourage organisations within the suicide prevention sector to use The Learning Hub for staff development as a way of ensuring a standard for building capacity and capability, and to provide better flow of shared knowledge and experience for the good of all.

The program was created in collaboration with a broad range of organisations and individuals experienced in suicide prevention and suicide prevention training to provide a place for individuals and organisations to identify and access a variety of learning activities provided by member organisations, and beyond, relevant to suicide prevention in Australia.

The Learning Hub will help individuals and organisations decide about which learning options meets their needs to work within the suicide prevention sector. It allows individuals and organisations to search from a range of suicide prevention providers who offer learning programs, workshops and other learning resources.

There is no cost to register for the Learning Hub. However, each of the learning activities, workshops and other resources are provided by individual organisations and there may be costs associated with the offerings, particularly if there are workshops or face-to-face sessions. There is no obligation to take fee-paying courses and you are able to accumulate your points with a combination of free or online resources.

No. Participation in the Learning Hub is optional. Many people and organisations will find the resources helpful for their ongoing learning specific for suicide prevention, but others may find that this does not suit their needs at this point in time. The Learning Hub is designed as a supported continuous learning program to continue to build capability and capacity across the sector and is available as a resource.


If you have a training program, event or other learning resource that is relevant to suicide prevention, and wish to add it to the Learning Directory, please complete and submit this form for review.

For information regarding eligibility, benefits and fees, please contact the administrator on
or phone 02 9262 1130.


“It is fantastic that the Learning Hub is designed to support those currently working in the Suicide Prevention sector, as well as those with no previous experience. As an organisation working alongside the sector, the Learning Hub provides us with a clear and easy to use pathway to make sure that all our staff have the fundamental skills needed for our suicide prevention projects.”