Consultations – NSW Suicide Prevention Legislation

Help shape the future of suicide prevention in New South Wales 

Are you a New South Wales resident who has lived or living experience of suicide?  Have you, or do you care for someone experiencing distress? Have you been bereaved by suicide?  

The NSW Government is introducing new legislation to help prevent suicide. Your voice is important in shaping this proposed legislation, known as the NSW Suicide Prevention Act. 

Suicide Prevention Australia is undertaking consultation on behalf of the NSW Government, to make sure your experience is considered in the development of this legislation. We invite you to participate in the consultation by submitting an expression of interest. 

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What is a Suicide Prevention Act? 

A Suicide Prevention Act is a piece of legislation that establishes a whole-of-government and whole-of-community approach to suicide prevention.  

It ensures collective responsibility, accountability, and action towards suicide prevention across government.  

Embedding voices from people with lived and living experience into this legislation can inform and guide government and policy makers and enable a suicide prevention lens to be applied in decision making. 

Why do we need suicide prevention legislation? 

Everyone has a role to play in suicide prevention.  

Suicide is a very complex behaviour. To prevent suicide requires more than a focus on health or mental health alone. It needs a combined effort to address social, economic, physical, cultural and community environments that can also contribute to adversities and distress.  

The legislation aims to bring government together to address broad risk factors for suicide, while building wellbeing within the community and strengthening protections against distress. It provides a framework to prioritise suicide prevention and achieve systemic, sustained change.  

Get Involved

Suicide Prevention Australia is hosting a series of two-hour consultation sessions where you can share your voice, experiences and suggestions.  

These consultation sessions provide a platform for open dialogue and collaborative problem-solving, with the intention of ensuring the voices of those with lived and living experience are embedded within the development of a NSW Suicide Prevention Act.   

In line with Suicide Prevention Australia’s Lived Experience Engagement and Participation Guidelines, all participants with lived experience will be paid for their time and contribution.    

If you are interested in participating in this consultation opportunity, please submit an ‘Expression of Interest’ below. 

Expression of Interest