Events on: November 17, 2022

ProfessionaLE: Starting a suicide prevention community event


Community events are a great way to raise awareness and start conversations about suicide prevention. Creating or running these events can seem daunting to navigate things like booking public spaces, getting your event noticed and ensuring that the event is a comfortable and safe space. Join Hayley as she chats with Jon Eddy, self described suicide prevention crusader, about their experiences with running community events for suicide prevention. In this informal Q&A style session, we will be chatting about connecting your message with your activity, navigating the legal requirements, and promoting and running your event. By the end of the session you will know where to start, how to get people on board and how to make your event a success. This session is part of a series of monthly conversations to empower you to professionalise your lived experience. CriticLE is partnering with leaders who use their lived experiences to make change in the suicide prevention sector. The ProfessionaLE sessions are for anyone who wants to do more with their lived experience work and for anyone who wants to partner with people with lived experience. Join us as we learn by experience. Find out more about us here:

Belconnen Men’s Table Entree

An introduction to The Men’s Table through stories and dialogue.. for men interested in being part of a local Men’s Table “It really gives me a sense of belonging – I feel a part of something” – James, Entree attendee “A chance to have a different kind of conversation with men from the normal one down at the pub or at work” – Carlos, Entree attendee — The Men’s Table Entree is an introduction to The Men’s Table through open sharing over a relaxed and conversational meal. The Entree event is a chance to meet other men, and to learn about how a Table works which will you decide whether you’d like to be part of a local Men’s Table. It will be hosted by a couple of long standing members of other Men’s Tables, sharing their experiences from their Tables, and responding to your questions, concerns and ideas. What is the Men’s Table? The Men’s Table is all about men serving men. The first Men’s Table (MT1) began in 2011 with 12 men who have met once a month for dinner and ever since. It is now growing to become a national charity. The Men’s Table creates a unique environment for men […]