By joining the SPA you will contribute to strategy development and strengthen our effectiveness in suicide prevention. It’s only by joining our voices together that we can ensure we will be heard.

Member Benefits

Suicide Prevention Australia (SPA) is a not-for-profit organisation and so members play a vital role in fulfilling our purpose and ensuring representation of the diverse experiences and views. 

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Levels of membership

SPA offers various levels of membership for organisations and individuals so you can choose what suits you. Whatever your organisational structure, size or individual interest, you will be heard.

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Become a Member

It is quick and easy to join SPA and work with us to contribute to a meaningful reduction of suicides in Australia. Get in touch with the team to discuss membership packages or join online today. 

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Organisation Members

As an Organisational Member, you will have a seat at the table as a member of the National Coalition for Suicide Prevention. Organisational Membership levels are tailored to your annual turnover and benefits are different for each level.

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Associate Members & Friends

We welcome unincorporated associations as members and individuals who are active in suicide prevention. Individuals with a lived experience of suicide or limited sector involvement are valued and invited to inform our work.

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Lived Experience Network

The Lived Experience Network (LEN) is made up of people from across the country who have been brought together by experience and are united by hope. The wisdom gained by those with lived experience of suicide must be used to inform suicide prevention. 

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