Member and Associate Guiding Principles

Suicide Prevention Australia’s Member and Associate Guiding Principles (Guiding Principles) have been developed for our members to elevate and enhance suicide prevention efforts.

As a member of Suicide Prevention Australia, organisations and individuals provide a commitment to embrace the Guiding Principles and Suicide Prevention Australia’s Constitution. This includes having familiarity of the Objects outlined in the Constitution and incorporating the Guiding Principles into daily activities.

We encourage Suicide Prevention Australia Members and Associates to champion suicide prevention within the context of these Guiding Principles.

Suicide Prevention Australia’s Member and Associate Guiding Principles:

  • Valuing lived experience of suicidal behaviour
    • Relevant activities are co-designed or co-created with people with lived or living experience of suicide.
  • Working collaboratively to meaningfully reduce suicide and suicidal risk
    • Collaborate with other members of Suicide Prevention Australia, the sector and community.
  • Reflecting diversity and inclusion
    • Activities reflect the differing needs and preferences of individuals, communities, and cultures.
  • Embedding help-seeking information
    • Promote crisis support contact details on relevant collateral and on occasions that may heighten distress.
  • Promoting safe and person-centred language
    • Promote and implement safe and inclusive language when communicating about suicide prevention.
  • Acting with integrity
    • Use and communicate information with purpose and integrity.
  • Reducing stigma of suicide
    • Demystify suicide by encouraging safe discussions about suicide and promoting skills to support these discussions.
  • Protecting the Organisation’s Reputation
    • Refrain from engaging in any activity or making any statement that may be defamatory to Suicide Prevention Australia, its Members or Associates. Members must uphold the reputation and integrity of the organisation at all times.