The Suicide Prevention Research Fund

In recognition of the impact of suicide on every Australian, the Suicide Prevention Research Fund was established by the Federal Government to support research into suicide prevention.

The aim of the fund is to support world-class Australian research into suicide prevention and facilitate the rapid translation of knowledge into more effective services for individuals, families and communities.

Suicide Prevention Australia manages the fund on behalf of the Federal Government. The Research Advisory Committee, chaired by Professor Don Nutbeam, guides the work of the fund with the support of expert researchers, service providers and people with lived experience of suicide.

Research Priorities for The Fund

Researchers seeking funding will be asked to submit applications that address the following priority areas, including a knowledge translation plan:

  1. What works to prevent suicide and suicidal behaviour? For whom? Why? Studies of indicated, selective and universal interventions will be considered, with particular emphasis being given to studies of indicated interventions. Studies employing any type of research design will be considered, providing they can yield meaningful data on effectiveness and, where possible, cost-effectiveness.
  2. What factors are protective against suicide? What are the mechanisms by which these protective factors operate? How might we bolster these protective factors for individuals in different communities and/or from different target groups and/or social and cultural backgrounds? Again, studies employing any type of research design will be considered, providing they can yield meaningful data on protective factors and their promotion.

For further reading please see the Suicide Prevention Research Priorities Report.

Grants calendar

Grant opportunity Status Application period Grant information Apply
PhD Scholarships Open 3 July 2019 to 30 Aug 2019 Click here for further information Apply here
Post-Doctoral Fellowships Coming soon Third quarter of 2019 Coming soon Coming soon
Innovation Research Grants Closed To be announced Click here for further information Closed
NHMRC Ideas/Scientific Grants & Clinical Trials Closed Early 2020 Click here for further information Closed