Suicide Programs

CALM and CALM Care Train the Trainer program

Train others in Suicide Intervention and Prevention by joining our CALM Train the Trainer program. This is an opportunity to add to your scope of trainings that you currently offer. As well as a continuing demand, it's often mandatory for staff to be trained in suicide intervention/prevention. The CALM 1-day suicide intervention program is quickly becoming the number one choice for many organisations and here are some of the reasons why: It's a one-day program, rather than having staff absent form their work role for two days It's reasonably priced and affordable being a one day delivery Clients have the option to have their training presented either virtually - saving staff travel costs, or in-person. It's the  only suicide intervention program in Australia that is accredited with the peak body Suicide Prevention Australia.

Accidental Counsellor Train the Trainer program

The Accidental Counsellor 1-day workshop provides participants with the skills to talk to someone going through a difficult time; having relationship issues; not coping with life; or feeling helpless. This course will help your participants respond in a helpful and meaningful way. They will learn how to have a difficult conversation; help someone identify their strengths provide them with strategies to manage their stress and distress better; re-frame their thinking to give them a different perspective on things that previously appeared negative and unachievable. The Virtual T4T is effectively delivered over a 4-day period period. This ensures that all participants understand the theories, principles and key concepts that underpin and inform the Accidental Counsellor program; fully grasp and are able to demonstrate their ability to explain the contents of the program, and lastly to gain confidence in their ability to competently deliver this program to their audiences.